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It also makes innocent pictures seem guilty because people then read too much into them. It's not as if the vest really covers up Sally, but for some reason Archie believes this small item of clothing makes the comic more kid-friendly.

He states that if he doesn't fight Eggman in a war, who will? Farasect Featured By Owner Aug 12, I have the rights to use the design, its original artwork form for promoting myself and my artwork. Sexy inuit girls. Okay peeps, late commish for Nomenclator who wanted some of our classic freedom fighter friends enjoying a dip in a nice little hot springs somewhere in Mobius.

O I'll never understand this The vest I can get the logic behind. Featured in Collections Sonic the Hedgehog by rosiepie Although, I am still waiting to see it in action before I make my decision, I still her original design was fine, especially when Bates was drawing her. Sally acorn naked. Especially if it is one of the students. Granted, she shouldn't play into being an idiot leader, but having challenges should be a part of the writing for her character.

She is shown to be on good terms with the rest of the freedom fighters, but can only be emotionally open and vulnerable with Sonic, sometime being immature and selfish around him. She wasn't made that way to be Sexualised and and all that crap. Flordeoro Featured By Owner Apr 5, Why are we here? I hope the colors turned out okay.

Sally acorn naked

While many Mary sues tend to be the only sane man, they are usually shown to be more emotional and more interesting than their other cast members. And thank you for clearing up the whole nonsense of calling Sally a Mary-Sue. Hot japanese naked women. He could be flawed, but because he was flawed at decision making he was in a position where he could challenge and be challenged by OTHER characters.

That gets played out when Sally not Sonic is the central point of reference for tact. Sally Acorn by LucasThomArt. While most of her complaints are immature and seem to lack any basis, I have to ask, does it come only from immaturity? I admit I am not a fan of Sally, but the reason I am not a fan is because of what you talked about; the poor writing makes her come across as shallow and boring.

Sonic Boys only wear gloves and shoes SonAmy fans will be jeally trying to draw more fanbrat sonamy things begging for archies: Even most of the sane Sonamy fans know that shy is the last thing Sonic ever was and still is.

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Not only does elevate her 'Canon Sue' status to the point of occasionally derailing other more established personalities to be more one note flawed so she can remain the voice of reason it means there is no real way to establish proper flawed moments that define her character, and usually attempts to give her a 'Not So Above It All' moment take away from the point since they give her some random OOC vice she never had before and thus emphasize she is 'no herself' during the process eg.

There's maybe one defining time I thought she kinda leaned into Canon Sue territory, and that's the Iron Queen arc. If you didn't then you would be considered naked. Indian girl sexy wallpapers. R55 Featured By Owner Nov 15, So let me get this off my chest and name ten main ridiculous reasons people hate Sally.

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Apparently Sally can even take aspects that are considered pure flaws for the characters she foils like Sonic and Khan and make them positive aspects Satam oversimplified the 'taking risks is always wrong' moral, but at least they were consistent about it and punished Sally for it too.

People, a slut is a woman who has had sexual intercourse with many different men. Though if you think about it, the vest doesn't make much of a difference either. Sally acorn naked. Then during another battle, he injures his arm from a laser and had to wear a cast.

And now that Ian Flynn, the head writer of the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic series, in which she is a star of, is giving her a redesign, her status as base breaker has just received more fuel. Once you have your deviation submitted, just comment below with a link to your deviation! All thanks to this wonderful: So I'll respect that.

Last time I checked, Antoine was shown just as much in the series. That show had quite a few problems stemming from writers' favoritism towards Sally and I really wish they would've done more with Bunnie and Rotor instead. Also, the other members of the Freedom Fighters had their fair share of stories as well.

Man I can't help myself but to draw me some cute little bottoms In SATAM you got a decent feel for that, but Archie, from all I've heard, use her a lot like Star Trek of the 90s used technobabble - as a cheap and easy soultion to a problem without having to put any real thought into it.

Let that one sink in, why don't you? Actually, after hear so many people say she was in the comics first or saying she was in the show first, I just went and said she was in the 90s.

Also, while maybe not Sue-ish in quality, she still had that sort of 'smarter more rational female' dynamic against Sonic, with him always getting punished or shown up whenever he didn't listen to her. Bbw and lesbian. The Actual Fixes While many critics, such as myself, can rip apart pieces of media that many enjoy, I think a lot of people can miss the point of doing critiques.

Amy is forcing Sonic to marry her, she also suffer from a delusional disorder because she mistake any hedgehog for Sonic, she acting like a crazy fangirl and yet people some how find Sonamy cute I stop here because I don't really know Sally that much because I never see the comic or the SaTam show and some of her information, I found it on the wikia.

Not saying anything against that since eventually this was the way the pairing went the way I wrote it but that took some character modification and maturing as wellbut if Sally's a Mary Sue, Amy has the qualifications and THEN some of being a Yandere Sue if she had the chance. Well he also stated multible times that he things Amy is overrated and often used her here as an negativ example as to why Sally is good compared to Amy which really doesn't put the best light on him.

Lance Armstrong Janitor 6 years ago. He always was and still is. And the rejection of Sonic's plan became even dumber after Metal Madness were the old Robotoziser from Issue 3 became relevant again which means there had the entire time a perfectly fine Robotoziser at there base ready to turn sonic into a unstoppable death machine.

And while this is the best argument, it's still a false assumption.

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