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I know what you mean Charles.

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Finnish people might be little bit antisocial in a smalltalk way but they have great loyalty for the few people around them. Topless arab girls. Not the mention the food. You keep repeating that Finland is not a Scandinavian country. Nude nordic women. This was one wonderful post! Scandinavian is first and foremost a linguistic adjective. Lovely, this is high class humor. I do not associate as one though. So, tell me how Finland having been years part of Sweden differs from the Scandinavian countries.

Finland good only social this is olmostly the best but work money for living find work or social life zero. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

But there is some truth in us being good only in our own sports. Fast and sexy nude. Yesss I love it! This is so retarded None of these reasons made any sense I have lived in Finland for a long time and almost none of these are true also saunas are relaxing. I hate small talk but always asked how people were when I genuinely cared. Lol maybe you should actually read the post before commenting. I am a Finn and I agree about the small talk. My son, who at the time was a typical South African toddler noisy, energetic, boisterous and very outgoing was quite an anomaly to the Finns.

We generally excel in sports that are only marginally popular elsewhere in the world, like ice hockey and cross-country skiing. Ask when to get off and meet my first native Finn. Not like other countries, especially Asia! Something silly, now that I think about it. Those relationships have ended. Finland is an amazing country with great hockey players and warm and wonderful people!

So you know those stereotypes I was talking about? Aah I feel you on the memory thing! Your email address will not be published. Pov blonde big tits. But hey, same goes both ways: I live in Finland. I would love to go back to Finland someday as well as visit the Scandinavian countries.

But we share many, many cultural features with our western neighbours.

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All the kids can go to the best school in Finland coz all the school are equal.

Because to us it sounds insulting. Free milf panty pics. I was just looking for facts and not even really read the whole thing. Foreigners do not know anything. I actually just browsed for hotels and tickets for Easter. It sounds quite beautiful after a while, but you have to train your ears since you always hear what an ugly sounding language is here in Sweden. Nude nordic women. He was quite skinny and petite for his age and she was worried he was too thin.

This is where I got my lesson on Finnish drivers. Each country have their own tradition and culture. My Norwegian mother used to say Swedes were Norwegians with their brains kicked out…I never understood that but seems to be a Norwegian pastime. Naked amateur forum. I met bunch of Norwegians in Latvia, the only difference was that they welcomed me a lot more quickly than a Finn would.

Swimming on icy-lake is sissy version of rolling on snow without clothes. One thing common in all Nordic countries is that American cars are huge thing and subculture in all of them. Did you meet any swedish-speaking finns? Mom spoke Finnish before learning English in school. Finland is also a very relaxing place. Sorry you did not discover it…. You definitely forgot to mention Finnish candy and food: Oh wait, this video is of your parents — or grandparents, or great-grandparents.

Do you have anything to add? Denmark Constitutional monarchy with a Parliamentary system Norway Constitutional monarchy with a Parliamentary system Sweden Ceremonial monarchy with a Parliamentary system Nordic countries: The Finns are quiet, but friendly.

Then there is the language: With clothes on it is filthy and un-healthy. I just want to write something in English. Many Swedes live more than a few kilometers away from a city.

Welp, not all Finnish people are like that so shush.

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I love spending time there specially in the winter!

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Sexy girl spanked Swimming on icy-lake is sissy version of rolling on snow without clothes. Hahhahah, this post is so on point, love it! If that ran out, they just walked round the corner and got more beer wearing their towel!!
MILF DATE TUBE Maybe some Finns were completely lost in translation with this article, but I totally agree.
Korean escort los angeles Do you have anything to add?
Tamil nadu girls nude photos I am Finnish born and was American raised in a very Finnish household.

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